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KCIS Lady Gators

Kang Chiao International School is located in Huaqiao, Kunshan, just on the outside of Shanghai.  The school is in their third year of operation and their second year in the SSSBL. The first year was a roaring success as the Lady Gators made the playoffs in their first year.  The team did not have any Senior's on the team and played some exciting games, and won their last two do or die games to reach the playoffs.  


The second year Lady Gators added some new players and had a wonderful season going 9-1 during the season.  Unfortunately the season ended on a sour note due to bad luck and bad timing with injuries and the flu. If the second semester of 2016-17 is any indication, the Lady Gators will be stronger than ever and more determined to win the Championship.


This coming third season for 2017-18 the expectations are high for the Lady Gators and with a 12 game season the team is ready for play.  Coach David Yost knows that the team is ready, willing and able to do what it takes to win a Championship.  



Lady Gator Varsity High School Players
Player Name--Jersey       Position           

KCIS    Name                 Birthday                  Grade
Doris Chen    4 10/29/2000—16 11
Eva Ni    5 7/7/2000--17 12
Sally Jiang    6  5/9/2003--14 9
Annie Chou   7 12/5/2002--14 9
Evonne Lin 8  12/3/2000--16 11
Vivi Huang  9 3/18/2003--14 9
Annie Pan 10  10/17/2000--16 11
Verita Hsu    11 9/25/2000—16 11
Nancy Lin    12 2/13/2001—16 11
Elva Lin    13 12/14/99—17 11
Lisa Guo  16 3/18/2001--16 11
Lily Guo 15 3/18/2001--16 11
Sophia Zhang  17 9/23/2002--15 11

Coach David Yost




KCIS Girls

Game Date                Opponent

19 Sept                         Friendly vs SUIS WY & GHC

26 Sept                       Friendly vs YK Pao

12 Oct                          @QBD       37-22 W

19 Oct                          DSS

24 Oct                          @SUIS WY

31 Oct                          Gubei

2 Nov                           Yk Pao

7 Nov                           @LFS

14 Nov*                      @Ulink

23 Nov                        GHC

28 Nov                        Pinghe

5 Dec                           @SHSID

7 Dec                           Yeh Wah

10 Jan                          ULINK(senior night)



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